Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

Teaching in the Classroom
Krissy Venosdale has a huge imagination in If I built a school. She designed her school just for the type of students she will be teaching. In her school, she included comfortable seating, colorful walls, and a treehouse in the library. The thing I like the most about her school is its ability to catch the student’s attention and steer them away from the traditional classroom style. Sugata came up with great ideas for his classroom as well. He thought about all of the different information students should know and used that information to build his school. He experimented with different with different types of technology to see how students would learn.

What I want my students to know?
I want my students to understand that getting an education is important. My goal is to teach third grade, which covers all subjects like Math, Reading, English, Social Studies, and Science. I want my students to learn and understand that there are different techniques to learning these subjects so that when they face a difficulty in understanding a subject there will be an alternate route to take. Also, I would like each of my students to know that it doesn’t matter how you start your educational journey as long as the end result is graduating and succeeding in life.

What do you want your students to be able to do?
I want my students to be able to be creative with their learning. Listening to a teacher talk for eight hours is boring. I want my students to engage in what they are learning by using their senses, pictures, or personal stories. I want to be able to use candy such as chocolate or m&m’s during my math session as a learning opportunity for my students. Sometimes it is better to picture what you are trying to solve and how you are going to solve it.

What will be my primary way of teaching my students?
My primary way of teaching my students will be using pictures and sometimes a PowerPoint. Since many classes are technology based it will be a good idea to use computers and tablets. Each student will have a tablet provided by the school that they will be required to learn how to use. My reason for requiring students to learn how to use electronics is many textbooks, school information, and school programs are online. This will help the students get ahead. Even though electronics are popular I still would like to expose my students to using paper to complete many of their assignments as well.

What tools will I use in my classroom?
As a teacher, I will use tools like youtube, google, Gmail, yahoo, and pinterest in the classroom. Youtube has a wide variety of videos for students to watch. There are alphabet videos, and videos on how to work division and multiplication. Google is a great way to find different educational webpages and pinterest would be used to gather information on how to construct projects or day to day activities. Of course Gmail and yahoo can be used for emailing others, but they can also be tools for helping keep up with daily news and information that may concern students.

What role will students play in my classroom?
My students will play an important role in the classroom. The way the students participate and interact with others will help me construct lesson plans and activities for them. Students will be expected to not only interact with their fellow peers but with me as well. Interaction is a great way to show how a student is progressing and whether he or she needs one on one attention from me.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Test Post Title

This is my first post. I clicked the HTML button which I should always do in EDM 310. I am now a blogger!