Friday, September 6, 2013

Blog Post 3

What does peer editing consist of

What is Peer Editing?

The video and the slideshow on peer editing talked about the three rules of peer editing, which are compliments, suggestions, and corrections. Giving compliments is one of the rules I never considered when peer editing. I have learned that it is important to give the writer credit for what he or she has done correctly. Why should you give compliments when peer editing? Before watching the video I thought peer editing was done to catch grammar mistakes, incorrect spelling, and ensure that the writing flows smoothly. After watching the video, I have added compliments to my list of things to think about when peer editing. Many of the students in EDM 310 are going to school to be elementary teachers and most of their students will be required to know how to write a complete sentence. Well when critiquing the student’s sentence the teacher should keep in the mind the three rules of peer editing. If someone misspells a word or puts a comma in the wrong place I would say something encouraging to keep the writer from being discouraged but at the same time point out the mistakes the student made so that he or she will learn from them and hopefully become a better writer. Critiquing is just as important as encouraging the student when peer editing. Think back to when you were learning how to drive. Someone took you out on the road and commented on the things you did wrong so that you would do them correctly when you went to take the test for your driver’s license. The slide show gives good examples what type of comments to leave when peer editing. To find out more about peer editing watch What is Peer Editing and check out the slideshow Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial

Top Ten Peer Editing Mistakes

The two students who were peer editors at the beginning of the video pointed out all of the mistakes that their partners made, but they did not include any good advice or compliments to give their partners. If I had someone peer editing my paper and they pointed out all of my mistakes I would be discouraged and assume that my paper as a whole was not very good, which in most cases is not true. Also, I would recommend using colored pens to mark mistakes in a paper when peer editing and underlining what needs to be fixed. The reason for using colored pens is to help the writer see what needs to be fixed. It is hard trying to remember everything your peer editor partner said was wrong. Watch Top Ten Peer Editing Mistakes

Will you offer suggestions publicly blog or privately e-mail?
The question was asked would you email your peer review or post it publicly? I would post my peer editing publicly because everyone is allowed to see it. There may be someone out there looking for ways to improve their post or trying to figure out how to get it started and by having comments under the written work they have an example plus feedback to look at.


  1. Hi Shakeya,
    Your post was very informative.The cartoons were appropriate as well as cute. I really like the example that you gave regarding the driver's license test. It showed how constructive criticism is used to help a person. However, I do need to make one correction. With that being said, one should never end a sentence with the prepositon, "at."

  2. Hello Shakeya! First I want to thank you for sharing all of your insight with us on the internet (I know you have to but still)! You did really well summarizing the assignments we were to watch, review, and assess. I appreciated your comment about editing in a different color ink; I'm studying to become an English teacher so I am REALLY an advocate of using color to correct. I think this will also be effective for your use with the youngins in Elementary School (I wish you the very best luck with that). The brighter colors should help catch their eyes!:) I'm glad that you have decided to leave compliments in your critique as well. From my experience, it seems to be more beneficial for the student if you mention their successes as much (if not more) than their failures. You might want to consider trying a private comment just once to experience what it is like and learn the different communicative techniques you would employ for it, as you probably will decide to use it in the classroom at some point.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Laura Crawford

  3. "Also, I would recommend using colored pens to mark mistakes in a paper when peer editing and underlining what needs to be fixed." Why did you refer to paper and pen? I hope you are not close-minded to technology.

    I also think there are circumstances where privately messaging someone would be appropriate.

    Good post. Keep in mind these resources when doing your C4C's this semester.