Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Post 11

The students in Mrs.Cassidy's classroom use blogs just like many other classrooms around the world. The students are instructed not to say bad things when they leave comments because it could hurt someone's feelings and they must write a blog on a week by week basis. What I found interesting about the way Mrs. Cassidy use blogging in her classroom is who gets to comment on the students blog. The students in Mrs.Cassidy's class can receive comments from their family members on their blog, which I believe is a great learning opportunity for students. Allowing parents and friends the opportunity to comment on the student's blog will motivate each student to do better because they know important people are always looking at their work. After watching Mrs. Cassidy's video on the way she uses blogging in her classroom I think my perspective on blogging has changed. In my future classroom, I could incorporate blogging into our writing time and give parents the link to review what their child wrote for the week. This will not only help the student but, it will help the parent know how to guide their child's writing skills. The students in Mrs. Cassidy's class says their writing gets better every time they write on their blog.

Not only does each student in Mrs. Cassidy's classroom use a blog, but they also use their classroom webpage, which helps them find things on the internet. The classroom webpage is available for students to access from home. Mrs. Cassidy also allows her students to use Wiki as a resource in her classroom. Students wanted to know more about traditions of other so they created a wiki page to ask people help them learn more about traditions. Wiki seems to be a good resource to use in the classroom because you can receive feedback from people all over the world. Students can also post videos and watch them on their wiki page. Also, I like Mrs.Cassidy's approach to teaching in the classroom. She gears what she teaches around things that will keep her students interested. The students use skype to talk with people from all over the world and people in familiar classrooms but live in different states. Students are also allowed to use their Nintendo DS games in the classroom. A Nintendo DS is a hand held game that comes in many different colors. Students can access the internet on their DS and they can also play games with other classmates. It is said that playing the DS helps students to become better problem solvers and learn how to share.

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  1. Hey Shakeya, I enjoyed reading your post this week. It flowed very smoothly the only thing I had an issue with was repetitiveness of some of your sentence. It seemed like your sentences all started with "Mrs. Cassidy" or "The students". Other than that it was really good you convey your point effectively.

  2. It's nice to see you're considering using blogging in your classroom.