Saturday, November 23, 2013

C4T #4

Comment for Teachers
My Comment: My name is Shakeya Andrews and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. My blog can be found at Shakeya Andrews

I think this is a great project that you are getting your students involved in. I love the fact that you are allowing your students to put their input in this project. You said that board members will meet and decide on which loaning opportunities to choose on I am curious to know what kind of loaning opportunities your students chose. I also like the idea of having your students learn about the countries where you all will be donating your money. How do you plan to make a presentation with this project and will your class use some type of technology to present information about for this project?

My Summary: William Chamberlain is planning a project called service based learning. For his project he will ask his students to donate money to He will have his students vote for a corporate board and each class will have a corporate board, who will be responsible for deciding which type of loan they will use for William is asking each of his students to bring $1 so that his class can donate $150 to Kiva. The students will learn more about the countries where they loan their money, they will learn about payment schedules, and they will also learn how to be a good steward of money. After this learning experience they will present the information they learned in class.

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My Comment: My name is Shakeya Andrews and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. My blog can be found at Shakeya Andrews

Hi Mr. Chamberlain! I found this blog to be very interesting. I also found the article you read to be interesting. It never crossed my mind that when we put our focus on achievement we can easily turn learning from something natural and enjoyable to something stressful and forced. I believe that it is very important to have assessment conversations with our students. When parents sit down and talk with their students about what they are doing in the classroom they can use the information they receive to help guide their child as a student. Also, research has proven that having daily conversations with students can enhance their vocabulary as well as reading skills.

My Summary: Mr.Chamberlain talked about assessments and how important it is not to rely fully on them. In Mr. Chamberlain's blog, he stated "Students only allow us to know what they want us to know, even when it comes to what they have learned." Mr.Chamberlain believes that parents should have conversations with their children about with what they learned in the classroom. Chamberlain is convinced that students can choose the wrong answer on test even when they know the correct one. His school held a conference to promote having conversations with students and using that as an assessment. In the conferences teachers demonstrated to parents the type of conversations they should be having with their children.

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