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C4T #3

For My first C4T I was assigned to read Doug Pete's blog Doug Pete

My Comment: My name is Shakeya Andrews and I am a student in edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. My blog can be found at Shakeya Andrews

I agree the video is very powerful because it lets the younger girls know they have a voice. As a future educator, I found the information in "Why are we looking at data?" to be interesting because it relates to everything that I am learning in my education classes. In fact, students in the class that I observe in the students took a test similar to the EQAO. Also, in EDM 310 we recently created a book trailer on a book of our choice and I see that Lorraine used Hooray for Diffendoofer Day as her book trailer. I used the book Oh,the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. Book trailers are interesting to watch and fun to create I would definitely use it in my classroom. "We need to know the kids we are teaching." Yes, this is true. Every teacher should assess their students interest and needs so that we will know how to create lessons and projects for them and so that the students will stay interested in what they are learning. Interesting Post!

Read This Week in Ontario


In International Day of the Girl there is a video with younger girls explaining why it is important for them to get an education. The girls give statistics and quotes on why education is important to them. Doug included this video in his blog because he said it was powerful and inspiring.Doug Pete also wrote about the EQAO data that Lorraine Boulos talks about in Why Are We Looking at This. Doug enjoyed reading about how Lorraine describes, in the first person, life with the testing and the realities of Ontario teachers dealing with test and trying to do their best with teaching,the link to Lorraine's blog leads to all types of data gathered from students who took the EQAO.

My Comment: My name is Shakeya Andrews and I am a student in edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. My blog can be found at Shakeya Andrews

Hi Doug! loved the fact that you included the united guitar video in your blog it was very moving. The video added to your post about one or two people making a difference. Also, your post had me curious to know what was said in the breakout group sessions. What were some of the things the presenter said to make their speech powerful?

Summary: Doug talked about his experience at a conference he went to. At the conference he learned that one or two presenters can make a difference in others lives. In the messages that Doug recorded from the conference he stated that there were 1300 people present at the conference with two or three people leading the breakout group. In the groups the leaders talked about their passions, expertise, knowledge, and their skills. After attending the conference Doug found the quote by Martha Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” because it related to what he had seen at his past conference. Read more about Doug's conference Power of One or Two or Three

 My Comment: My name is Shakeya Andrews and I am a student in edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. My blog can be found at Shakeya Andrews

"I believe that it is essential if you are to grow and mature as an educator. I also believe that it’s never over." This is a powerful statement because if we are growing as educators that means we are learning as well. Many classrooms are starting to become technology based and I could tell by reading your blog that you are a technology based teacher. Do you use technology like Ipads, Smartboard, or blogs in your classroom? Also I found it interesting that you do not use presentation slides during presentations because many are use to having this as their back up.

Summary: I read ECOO13 Session Doug talked about how he presented his at the conference. He also shared some of the the websites he used during his presentation to show the difference between his presentation and others presentation. In his blog he stated that he is a firm believer of levering technology whenever possible. Doug created a graphic to highlight his main points in his presentation, with things such as facebook, feedly, zite, twitter, diigo, etc. During his presentation he makes contact with his audience and he does not use notes or slides to go guide him through his presentation.

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