Saturday, November 23, 2013

Final PLN Summary Project #2

Since my previous PLN post I have found new things to add in my symbaloo tabs. I have added Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail, Yahoo, Flickr, Classroom games, Sight words, Cool math, and the link to the EDM 310 class blog. I love the fact that symbaloo has classroom games and sight words and I will definetly be using these websites in my classroom. I think using sight words via symbaloo is interesting because it is a different way to get students engaged in the classroom. Instead of using plain flash cards and holding them up for the students to see I could use symbaloo on the smart board. Using the smart board also gives me more tools to work with. For example, if I pulled up a sight word that most of my students were unable to say, I could take a pen from the pen tray circle, underline, and break the word we are using apart so that students will be able to understand to say the words correctly.

Also, I was able to organize where I wanted my tabs to be using Symbaloo. Symbaloo has so many of my favorite apps to use and what I find interesting is I can have all of my favorite apps on one site! If you are a future educator I highly recommend checking this app out.

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